Cooling vests everything you need to know

All you need to know about cooling vests

Cooling vest

People go to extreme lengths to stay cool in the summer. They go to the movies just for the air conditioning, jump in fountains, rub jade rollers all over their faces... But there may be an easier solution–Cooling vests.

Body Cooling Vests help regulate body temperature to keep you cool and comfortable during hot days outdoors or uncomfortable work conditions. They are either evaporative (water-activated) or use ice packs or phase change packs to provide extreme cooling power.

Circulatory (Pumped Water) Cooling Vests

Circulatory vests are the most advanced and the coolest (temperature-wise) of the cooling vests. Based on technology developed by NASA, these vests and one shirt work by circulating cool water through non-kink tubing around the wearer’s body. As this water moves through the system it removes heat from your body which cools you down. This water then flows back through the system unit to a reserve of ice-cold water. The circulating water then automatically cools before being re-circulated around the vest.

Circulatory (Pumped Water) Cooling Vests

Cooling vest for motorcycles 

Sick of your jacket filling up with sweat when you ride in hot weather? Hate having to peel your motorbike jacket off after riding in sweltering temperatures? Riding a motorcycle in the heat can cause issues like dehydration, fatigue, and problems with concentration.

Thankfully, we now have cooling vests that use the same technology utilized by NASCAR drivers and NASA astronauts for these situations. Motorcycle cooling vest systems are a game-changer for every motorcycle enthusiast.

Cooling vest for motorcycle

Cooling vest for workers

No matter your line of work, when you’re dealing with heat and humid environments you’re not only uncomfortable but may be exposed to heat-related health issues including heat exhaustion. Whether you work in a warehouse, atop roofs, in an oil field, or inside an attic, a cooling vest may be one of your only solutions to keeping cool in these hot environments.

 Cooling vest for workers


 Are cooling vests safe?

Yes, cooling vests are safe to wear and provide fast relief from pain and inflammation. They are also convenient to use and easy to store.

Is it necessary to wear a shirt inside the cooling vest?

Yes, it is recommended to have a layer of thin soft cotton t-shirt under the cooling vest.

How many times can a phase change vest be used?

If cooling vests are not punctured or damaged then they can last up to 5 years. Stored in a cool dark place and properly taken care of, they may last longer.

Can I travel on an airplane with my cooling vest? 

To date, airlines have not yet published guidelines that are specifically for cooling vests and packs. However, numerous travelers have confirmed that they are able to fly with their vests and packs without issue - after providing TSA/Airline agents with the following information at any security checkpoint:

  • Print/provide a copy of the product’s description
  • If you have a specific need or medical condition that necessitates the use of a cooling vest, that information is beneficial to have available as well.
  • Bring the vest and packs with you on your person, or in your carry-on luggage, so that security can inspect them firsthand along with the accompanying documents that will identify the product.

Airlines typically have rules that prohibit the transport of “wet ice” or similar products within checked luggage. If you would prefer to keep your cooling vest set in checked luggage, it is best to contact the airline ahead of time to have that request approved.

Why Water?

We use water, instead of any other material because it is efficient, safe, clean, green, and inexpensive. We don’t use chemicals, animal fats, or oils (vegetable or petroleum-based) because they are less efficient at absorbing heat than the alternatives. 
Cooling water system

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