Frequently Asked Questions


Compcooler Technology specializes in working for personal cooling & heating systems for harsh conditions. Compcooler has established its resume as a manufacturer of cooling units for Military, Electronic, Medical and Industrial. The employees at Compcooler’s state of the art manufacturing facility have been producing liquid heating & cooling circulation systems over 15 years. 

Product Categories

  1. Personal ICE Water Circulation Systems
  2. Micro Refrigeration Chiller Units
  3. Liquid Heating Systems
  4. Liquid Cooling & Heating Garment and Pad
  5. Industrial Chiller or Cooling Module
  6. Customized Cooling and Heating Units

2. How can I select a suitable cooling unit?

ICE water: if you can freeze the bladder or get the ice cubes, personal ice water circulation unit should be the best choice. Quick cooling performance, reasonable cost, easy operation.

Micro Refrigeration: if ice is not available, you need to consider micro refrigeration cooling unit even it is expensive. 

3. How can I choose the size of cooling garment?

Normally, you may choose one size smaller than your regular size, Such as: regular size is M, you may choose M/L or XS/S, XS/S is better for you. It will provide better heat exchange if cooling vest touch your skin.  The material of cooling vest is stretch, some vests have sides adjustable device, so you need not worry about vest size is too small for you.

4. What's the pump control mode?

Compcooler provides three pump control modes for customers,

ON/OFF: Cold ICE water circulation only

Flow Control: 3 levels flow control, 200/350/500ml/minute, user may set up the water flow as need

Temp Control: ICE water temp is about 2-5C, it may be too cold for somebody, user may set up the temp from 2C to 30C as need.

5. How long it can last for 3.0L frozen bladder?

Actually, it will depend on ambient and body heat generation. Normally, it can last 2-4 hours, user can replace the frozen bladder and extend cooling time.

6. What's the difference for backpack, Univest, Cooler and Waistpack?

Backpack unit is good for portable application. UniVest combines backpack and cooling vest as one unit. Cooler unit is good for vehicle or floor type application. Waistpack with less weight and small size.