Fashion vs Usability: Cooling vest for men

Have you ever heard of a cooling vest? It’s the perfect way to beat the heat.

There are several different types of cooling vests that all serve the purpose of regulating your body temperature. The best part about cooling vests? You can easily find one that performs well and matches your style. So you won’t just look cool, you’ll actually be cool.

Wondering how they work? Here’s a guide to the different types of cooling vests and their functions. 

A Guide To Cooling Vests

Phase Change Cooling Vests

These work by using a specialized phase-changing material. This material has a really high freezing point, higher than the average of 58 degrees. It has special compartments where packs of PCM are inserted.

These packs take a long time to melt and freeze quickly, so they are an efficient option that can easily be reused. It’s also a cost-effective option. The only downside is that the temperature may not be consistent throughout the vest due to the lack of temperature regulation.

Univest cooling system

Cold Pack Cooling Vests

This type of cooling vest uses cold packs to keep you cool. It also has special compartments where the cold packs are placed, just like the phase change vests. This vest will remain lightweight during physical activities due to the design of the cold pack.

Double pack Cooling system

Evaporative Cooling Vests

True to its name, this vest cools you down through evaporation. It absorbs cool water then the water evaporates, which works to cool you down. These vests are effective for long periods, lasting 4-6 hours on average. An evaporative vest is also a cost effective option. The downside of this vest is that they aren’t effective in extremely hot temperatures.

Circulatory Powered Cooling Vests

This is the most effective and consistent type of cooling vest. It works by circulating ice water around your body from a reservoir. This means that your entire body will maintain a consistent temperature. The amount of time this vest lasts depends on the reservoir and tube size, but it’s typically 1-4 hours. One downside to this vest is that due to the fact that you’ll be carrying around a reservoir your mobility might be limited.

Fullbody cooling system

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