Keep it cool this summer with a cooling shirt

The best activewear for the summer

If you’re someone who enjoys working out, you should consider investing in a cooling vest this summer. In the summer heat, you need something to prevent you from overheating, and regular activewear won’t cut it if you’re serious about getting a good workout. While a lot of active wear is designed to be breathable, none will actually regulate your body temperature the way a cooling shirt does.

You’re likely familiar with the overheated feeling that you get from a good workout. A cooling shirt will prevent you from having that feeling, which will lead to an improvement in your workout performance.

T-shirt with hoodie

It works by moving warm air away from your body as soon as you get hot. Through the process of convection, when warm air moves away from your body cold air will take its place. The cold air then absorbs the heat and becomes warm and the cycle continues. The moisture wicking properties of a cooling shirt helps in this process. It draws your warm sweat away from your body, and this helps in the cooling process.

A cooling shirt also protects you from harmful UV rays. As you know, UV protection is always essential. It becomes even more crucial during the summer months when the sun is raging. If you’re someone who does any form of outdoor exercise, this feature is a life saver.

T-shirt cooling system

Compcooler has a wide collection of cooling shirts that operate by circulating cold water around your body through a tube system with a pump. These shirts will lower your body temperature and keep it at a constant and consistent temperature. They are designed to be stylish and lightweight, so they won’t add any extra weight to you or pose any mobility issues, and you’ll still look good. Browse our catalog today!