COMPCOOLER Handcarry 3.0L ICE Water Circulation Cooling System Flow Control mode
Compcooler Handcarry Ice Water Cooling System
Compcooler Handcarry Ice Water Cooling System
Handcarry 3.0L ICE Water Circulation Cooling System
Portable ICE water circulation unit 3.0 L
Handcarry 3.0L ICE Water Circulation Cooling System
Handcarry Pack ICE Water Circulation Unit
Compcooler Extension Hose 6ft
Compcooler Rechargeable Battery 2200mAh 7.4V

COMPCOOLER Handcarry ICE Water Circulation Cooling System 3.0L Bladder 7.4V Flow Control mode

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COMPCOOLER Handcarry Tethered ICE Water Circulation Cooling System Includes a Tubing-lined Liquid Cooling Vest and Portable Handpack Circulation Unit 3.0L Detachable Bladder 7.4V Operated with Flow Control Mode.


Operation Manual for Single Chamber ICE Bladder


Handcarry Tethered ICE Water Circulation Cooling System combines a tubing-lined vest with a liquid cooling system housed in a handcarry pack to form a tethered thermal regulation device. The vest is a highly engineered stretchable garment that weighs a mere 0.5KG (1.1 lbs.), dry weight. Front zipper design which is easy to don and comfortable to wear against the body. Stretchable fabric provides a snug fit for max thermal transfer. The liquid cooling system is a separate ice pack that weighs 1.5KG (3.3 lbs.), dry weight.  It contains a 3.0-liter detachable bladder, circulation pump, and power switch.  When operating, it’s audible output is 45dBA.  Cooling energy is provided by freezing the water in the ice bladder.  Power is derived from the 7.4V rechargeable battery. To operate the system, connect the vest tubing to the handcarry pack using the quick-connect fittings.  With the pump unit attached to the battery power, using the remote control, press "Up/Down" buttons to set the desired water flow level, level 1 is 250ml/min, level 2 is 350ml/min, level 3 is 450ml/min. Setting is completed when LED number stops blinking. The steady number shows the current liquid temperature. Press switch "on", the pump circulates cold water in a continuous loop between bladder and garment. Indicator "dash" shows the On/Off status of pump. Depending on ambient temperatures and workload, flow control pump regulates the circulation temperature as need. Slow water flow may save the cooling energy and extend the cooling time. Users can expect a cooling duration anywhere from 2 to 4 hours depending on flow rate, ambient temperatures and workload. Additional bladder and battery can be purchased for prolonged cooling.  Ice cubes can also be used for prolonged cooling, although the cooling time will be lessened.


Component List: 

Handcarry Pack (1)

Pump Circulation Unit Flow Control(1)

Extension Hose 6ft (1)

3.0L Detachable Bladder (1)

Liquid Cooling Vest (1)

Rechargeable Battery 2200mAh 7.4V (1)

Battery Charger (1)

Handcarry Pack ICE Water Circulation Unit


Handcarry Pack: Black Oxford with reflective insulation material   

Bladder: 3.0L Quick release bladder

Pump: 7.4V diaphragm pump

Connector: CPC female Quick fitting

Pump: 3 Levels Flow Control mode

Water flow: 200/350/500ml/min

Battery: 7.4V 2200mAh rechargeable Li-Ion battery

Noise: 45dBA

Dry weight: 1KG


Liquid Cooling Vest


Material: 85% cotton with 15% Lycra

Color: Dark Blue

Cooling Channel: Silicon tubing

Zipper: YKK zipper

Fitting: CPC male fitting

Manifold fitting: Aluminum machining

Dry weight: 1kg

Size: XS/S, M/L, XL/2XL, 3XL/4XL

Garment Size:
















Note: Stretchable fabric provides 3%-8% expansion snug fit for maximum thermal transfer.


Cooling performance:

Cooling time: 2-4 hours for 3.0L frozen bladder,

Temperature Range: 46℉-68℉

Battery Operated: 8 hours

Operation Ambient: 0℃-60℃ (32℉-140℉)