Fire Resistant Univest
COMPCOOLER Fire Resistant UniVest ICE Cooling System 3.0L Bladder ON/OFF Mode
Compcooler Fire Resistant UniVest ICE Water Cooling System
Compcooler Fire Resistant UniVest ICE Water Cooling System Interior
Compcooler Fire Resistant UniVest ICE Water Cooling System back
COMPCOOLER Fire Resistant UniVest ICE Cooling System 3.0L Bladder ON/OFF Mode
Mini water pump
3.0L quick release bladder
3.0L quick release bladder
Batery and Charger 2.2A 7.4V

COMPCOOLER Fire Resistant UniVest ICE Cooling System 3.0L Bladder ON/OFF Mode

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Compcooler Fire Resistant UniVest ICE Water Cooling System On/Off switch with 3.0L bladder


Operation Manual for Univest ICE Water Cooling System


The Compcooler Univest ICE Water Cooling System (UICS) combines a tubing-lined vest with an integral liquid cooling system into one self-contained and convenient thermal regulation device.

The vest is a highly engineered Fire Resistant garment that weighs a mere 1KG (2.2 lbs.), dry weight.  It consists of a lightweight and durable fabric and a soft mesh inner liner which is easy to don and comfortable to wear against the body. The integral liquid cooling system is an attached backpack which contains a 3.0-liter removable water bladder, circulation pump, rechargeable battery, and ON/Off switch.  When operating, it’s audible output is 45dBA.

Cooling energy is provided by freezing the water in the bladder.  This is easily accomplished by removing the bladder from the system using quick-connect fittings, and then placing the bladder in a freezer.  Once frozen, the bladder is easily re-attached to the system using the quick-connect fittings. With a charged battery pack, Users turn the switch on and the pump circulates cold water in a continuous loop between the bladder and vest.  With the included 3.0-liter bladder, Users can expect a cooling duration anywhere from 2 to 4 hours depending on ambient temperatures and workload.  Additional bladders and battery packs can be purchased for prolonged cooling.



Key Features


The tubing-lined liquid cooling vest and self-contained backpack circulation unit are conjoined to form a single and inseparable thermal regulation system. Perfect for those hot jobs where freedom of movement is necessary.


Circulates 36°F-68°F (2C – 20C) cooled water to a tubing-lined liquid cooling vest. Reduce core body temperature and the incidence of thermal stress while increasing comfort, safety, focus and endurance.


The 3.0-liter water/ice bladder, rechargeable battery and miniature pump within the integrated backpack make this a self-contained and portable cooling system. The bladder is easily detached with quick-connect fittings, filled with water and frozen. This serves as the cold energy source, providing 2-4 hours of cooling performance.


Fire Resistant, zippered, tubing-lined garment is comfortable to wear against the skin.  Velcro adjustment tabs provide a snug fit, ensuring maximum thermal transfer.


Additional bladders and batteries can be purchased and used for prolonged cooling periods. This water-based cooling system is both safe to use and environmentally friendly.



UniVest Specifications:

Univest Material:

Outer Fabric: Fire Resistant Cotton

Color: Orange

Interlayer: 3D fabric

Liner: Soft mesh

Cooling Channel: Silicon Micro-tubing

Adjustable device: Stretch strap with Velcro

Zipper: YKK


ICE Water Circulation System

Built-in Backpack: Reflective Insulation Material

Bladder: 3.0L quick release bladder

Pump: 7.4V diaphragm pump On/Off Mode

Connector: CPC Quick Fittings

Switch: ON/OFF

Zipper: Water proof zipper

Battery: 7.4V 2200mAh rechargeable Li-Ion battery

Noise: 45dBA

Dry weight: 1KG


Univest Performance:

Cooling time: 2-4 hours for 3.0L frozen bladder,

1-3 hours for Ice cube

Water Flow: 500ml/min

Temperature Range: 46℉-68

Battery Operated: 8 hours

Operation Ambient: 0-60(32-140)



Garment Size: