COMPCOOLER Backpack Individual Cooling System 200W DC 12V 20A Battery Operated Media 1 of 10
COMPCOOLER Backpack Individual Cooling System
COMPCOOLER Individual Cooling System
COMPCOOLER Backpack Individual Cooling System 200W
Cooling System 200W DC 12V 20A Battery Operated
COMPCOOLER Battery Operated
Cooling System 200W DC 12V 20A Battery Operated
Compcooler cooling vest
Cooling vest back Compcooler
Compcooler garment size

COMPCOOLER Backpack Individual Cooling System 200W DC 12V 20A Battery Operated

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Backpack Individual Cooling System

Model No.: COMP-BICS-12100V

 Operation Manual for Backpack Individual Cooling System

Brochure for Backpack Individual Cooling System

Compcooler Backpack Individual Cooling System (BICS) specifically designed for portable body cooling application, BICS includes Mini Chiller Units, Liquid Cooling Vest and Rechargeable Battery. Micro refrigeration system cools the flow liquid, pump circulates the chilled water go through the liquid cooling vest and continuously flow around the body, this may keep the user at comfortable range. Mini chiller delivers 100W cool capacity, precise liquid temperature control from 5℃ to 30 (41to 86) accuracy +/-1(2), once circulation liquid reaches to set point temperature, system intellectually control the cooling capacity to that temperature. This model is good for body cooling application by battery or vehicle power operated.


Key Features

Compact Mini Chiller Unit

The smallest micro refrigeration chiller unit, compact and rugged design

Liquid Cooling Vest

Reversible design cooling vest, dark green outer fabric with black liner

Excellent Cooling Capacity

High cooling performance with low power consumption, Battery or vehicle power operated

Ergonomically design

Backpack cooling system design, easy don for portable application

Smart System Control

Manual temperature setting for chiller unit,  Intelligent system control

Safety and Healthy

Clean chilled water circulation system, Astronaut and Military story



Mini Chiller Unit



Compressor: DC 12V Miniature Rotary Compressor

Voltage Range: 10-16V

Operation Current: 3-8A (10A max)

Cooling Capacity: 50-150W

Refrigerant Control: Capillary Tubing

Temperature Control: 5℃-30 (41-86)

Controller: manual

Pump: 12V Centrifugal pump, 1L/min

Fan: 2pcs 12V Fans

Unit Case: Aluminum Machining

Color: Desert Tan and Black

Power Connector: EC5 Male

Quick fitting: CPC Medical Grey fitting1/4”

Noise: 48dBA


Weight: 2.5kg


Liquid Cooling Vest


Material: Soft Stretch Mesh

Color: Dark Green Outer and black liner

Cooling Channel: Silicon tubing 3x5mm 

Zipper: YKK reversible zipper

Adjustable device: stretch body fit strap

Fitting: White quick fitting for Inlet and outlet

Manifold fitting: Aluminum machining

Dry weight: 0.5kg

Size: XS/S, M/L, XL/2XL, 3XL/4XL


Battery Specifications

Rechargeable Battery: Li-Ion 12V DC, 10A

Voltage: 12V Aero connector, 7.4V 4017 plug, USB 5V

Max output: 20A for 12V3A for 7.4V and 5V

Battery Case: Aluminum Machining

Remaining Capacity Checking: 3 led lights

Charging: 12V Car Charing and 110/220V AC charging

Color: Desert Tan and Black

Weight: 80x57x150mm

Size: 1.0kg

(Optional: Motorcycle power cord to operate cooling system or battery charging.)


Cooling Performance

Cooling Time: 2-3hours by 12V 10A battery

            Unlimited by vehicle power

Temperature setting: 5℃-30 (41-86)

Liquid circulation: 800ml/min

Operation Ambient: 0-45(32-122)



Camouflage Bullet Proof Cooling Vest, Mini chiller hang over vest strap


Garment Size:
















Note: Garment size has 30% expansion stretch by fabric (10cm/4”Max) or adjustable device (15cm/6” Max)


Application: Motorcycle Rider, Military Soldier, Police and Security, Outdoor sport, Aviation, Chem/Bio, Racing Car.