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COMPCOOLER Motorcycle Rider Tandem ICE Cooler Cooling System DC12V Power ON/OFF mode

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COMPCOOLER Motorcycle Rider Tandem Cooling System Operated by Vehicle 12V Power ON/OFF mode

Model No.: COMP-BMCS-126L-2V

Operation Manual for ICE Cooler Cooling System

Compcooler Motorcycle Rider Tandem Cooling System is made up of 6L ICE Cooler Circulation Unit, 2 sets Liquid Cooling Vest, 3L ICE container and 6ft extension hose, operated by motorcycle 12V power. Pump unit has Screw-In connector for the first cooling vest and Quick release connector for the second cooling vest. Mini pump unit circulates the cold water from ICE cooler to liquid cooling vest, continuously flow around the body. Temperature range 2℃-10℃(36℉- 50℉), 3L Frozen ICE container with ICE cubes (rest space of cooler) will support up to 3 hours Tandem body cooling.


Component list:

  1. Liquid Cooling Vest (2)
  2. Motorcycle Cooler Pack (1)
  3. ICE Cooler 6L (1)
  4. Pump Circulation Unit ON/OFF (1)
  5. Extension hose 6FT with screw-in connector (1)
  6. Extension hose 6FT with QR connector (1)
  7. SAE Motorcycle power cord (1)
  8. Power adapter 12V to 7.4V (1)
  9. ICE Container 3L (1)



  1. Battery operation: this model was designed to use 12V motorcycle power, the package doesn’t include battery. User may purchase an extra battery for portable application.