Beat the heat with these motorcycle cooling vests

Motorcyclists need to stay cool. After all, getting a heat stroke while out riding can only end in tragedy. So what’s the best way to keep cool as temperatures spike? The answer is a cooling vest. There are a lot of different types of vests for you to choose from. Here are some of your options!

The Best Vests For Beating The Heat!

COMPCOOLER Motorcycle Rider Solo Cooling System


This circulation unit will keep you cool for up to three hours. It circulates cool water continuously around your body, allowing you to receive a uniform cooling experience. This vest also offers portable application.

COMPCOOLER Motorcycle Rider Tandem ICE Cooler Cooling System DC12V Power ON/OFF mode

If you have a 12V motorcycle, this vest is (literally) designed for you. This pump will keep you cool by pumping 2°C-10°C water around your body for up to three hours.

COMPCOOLER Motorcycle Rider Tandem ICE Cooler Cooling System

COMPCOOLER Backpack Individual Cooling System 200W DC 12V 20A Battery Operated

If you’re going on a long trip, this vest is perfect! It’s designed to be portable and will last you 3 hours with portable use, but when connected to a vehicle this cooling system provides unlimited use. It also has other amazing features such as:

  • Compact Mini Chiller Unit
  • Excellent Cooling Capacity
  • Smart System Control
  • And even more

COMPCOOLER Motorcycle Rider Chiller Cooling System 200W DC 12-16V vehicle power operated

This is the ultimate cooling system for motorcycle riders. It has an intelligent system that will automatically maintain a set temperature for the liquid circulating around your body. Despite its capabilities for unlimited use when connected to your vehicle, this cooler also has a portable mode.

Compcooler is your number one source for high quality cooling vests. Browse our catalog to explore more cooling vest options.