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The summer's heat-filled sunshine intensity has shown no mercy with extremely hot and humid temperatures blanketing many parts of the world. But thankfully, innovation and technology have emerged in the portable air conditioning industry and we now have a personalized AC cooling fan that is energy efficient and available for on-the-go lifestyles.

As with any trendy consumer demand, the popularity of personal air conditioners brings many types and sizes to choose from that offer portability combined with powerful chilled airflow for maximum comfort. Which can make choosing difficult. And we’re here to help with the informative blog post that will present some options.

 Motorcycle Rider Solo Cooling System

When the hot summer days have temps headed north of 90 degrees, keeping the body core temperature cool is difficult …But now with a Compcooler Motorcycle Rider Solo Cooling System, you can circulate cold water with our vest for effective full-coverage cooling.

If you keep your core area temperature regulated, your extremities like arms and legs do not have problems getting a good flow of blood.

Compcooler Motorcycle Rider Solo Cooling System

Alternatively, when you get too hot, the blood goes to the surface to cool your body and impacts your overall coolness and blood flow to your other organs (like your brain). Built with the same technology used by Nascar drivers and NASA astronauts, it will keep you cool while you ride, allowing you to ride more, ride longer, and ride any time of day you choose.

 Backpack Individual Cooling System

Sweating can feel upleasant sometimes. Men get sweaty easier than women do. It can be really uncomfortable and embarrassing during dates, job interviews, or even walking down the street.

If you do not have access to ice, what can you do? Make ice in your backpack! The COMPCOOLER Backpack Individual Cooling System was first built for the military. The product uses a combination of ice water and a pump to push cold water through special tubes sewed into vests that helps to keep the wearer cool.

Compcooler Backpack Individual Cooling System

Indoor Refrigeration Cooling Blanket

Cooling blankets are specially designed blankets that may better regulate body temperature. They are often lighter and made of more breathable material compared to normal comforters or bedding sets. A sleeping environment that is too hot can make it uncomfortable for you to fall asleep. A cooling blanket can help absorb body heat and therefore help you feel more comfortable.

The Indoor Refrigeration Cooling Blanket from Compcooler is guaranteed to make your warm nights cooler

 Indoor Refrigeration Cooling Blanket

 Liquid Cooling T-shirt

Most runners agree that running outdoors beats treadmill running, but there are times when running in hot weather can just be brutal and even downright dangerous. Dumping ice-cold water over your head isn’t very practical, but fortunately, there are other ways to stay cool on the run.

Wearing some clothes and other gear with cooling properties can help you stay more comfortable and refreshed so you can run safely and for longer. Eager to turn down the heat during your runs? Try the COMPCOOLER Liquid Cooling T-shirt. It is an excellent gear item for anyone who runs in hot weather.


  Compcooler Liquid Cooling T-shirt



Cooling products are useful in hotter weather and in a lot of situations. If you’re looking for a personal cooling system that works for you, give us a call. We are one of the world-leading Manufacturers of Microclimate Cooling systems, plus we specialize in Personal Cooling systems and Industrial Cooling systems for extremely hot conditions and confined spaces. Visit our website to learn about our products.